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On-Site Training Solution Sessions

  • Solutions Clinic noun. A caring professional establishment directed by specialists sharing common goals and objectives within the financial industry to promote wellness and devoted to the diagnosis and care of community bank participants.

  • Solution Sessions! verb. A means of solving problems and meeting challenges in a gathering of individuals bound together by a common bond and purpose

Financial Solutions is keenly aware of the conflicting demands on community bankers in today's market. Despite the great demand on the community bank staff to support the day-to-day needs of the institution, each activity of the bank must be in strict compliance with applicable laws and regulations. We are certain that our familiarity with effective management practices, current regulations and industry practices provides a solid infrastructure for high quality, effective Solution Sessions! that will be just what the doctor ordered for you! Thank you for the opportunity to present a solution for practical assistance to your institution. A synopsis of our approach and most popular programs follows. Additional sessions are available as well as customized sessions designed to meet specific goals and objectives for your unique circumstances. Be sure to take advantage of our discounted pricing when purchasing three or more days to be used within a 12 month period! See you soon!

The "Solutions Clinic" concept is a logical result of our team's experience as a community bank service provider. Financial Solutions listens to their clients and develops programs in direct response to the clients' needs rather than "canned" programs with only theoretical instruction. We are committed to working with our community bank clients to provide not only existing educational programs, but sessions customized to meet the ongoing needs as voiced by our clients. Besides, would a laugh hurt any of us?

For further information on our Clinic Sessions select from the following list:

Deposit Compliance Review

Loan File Compliance Review

Directors' "Check-Up"

How to Manage a Regulatory Examination

Avoiding Bank Secrecy Act "Complications"

Discovering Diversity / Fair Lending

Time Mastery

Bank Security Program

Overcoming "Policy Impairment"

Deposit Account Ownership

Disaster Recovery and Business Resumption

Insider Transactions

CRA and Fair Lending Self-Assessment


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