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We have included the following "Compliance Tools" for easy reference. Each document is in Adobe .pdf format. Adobe Acrobat Reader is available as a free download from

  1. CIP Quick Reference Chart - Countries of Concern - October 7, 2014 *Updated*

  2. HMDA Reportable Or Not?

  3. Reg E Error Resolution Flowchart

  4. Reg E Error Resolution Date Chart 2013

  5. Reg E Error Resolution Date Chart 2014

  6. Reg E Visa and MasterCard Date Chart 2014

  7. Reg CC Hold Periods 2014 with Expiration plus 5 days

  8. Reg CC Hold Periods 2014 with Expiration

  9. Reg CC Hold Periods 2014 without Expiration plus 5 days

  10. Reg CC Hold Periods 2014 without Expiration

  11. Reg CC Hold Periods 2013 with Expiration

  12. Reg CC Hold Periods 2013 without Expiration

  13. Reg CC Quick Reference Chart  *NEW* 

  14. USA PATRIOT Act 314(a) Information Requests

  15. Transaction Limitations for Savings and MMDA Accounts

  16. HMDA LAR Quick Reference

  17. Anti-Money Laundering Training Guides

  18. South Carolina Account Ownership Matrix

  19. North Carolina Account Ownership Matrix

  20. Customer Identification Procedures

  21. CIP Department Questionnaire

  22. CIP Acceptable ID Documents

  23. CIP Procedures Quick Reference Guide

  24. CIP Verification Documents

    A. Verification Requirements

    B. Recommended Account Restrictions

    C. Identification Verification Recommendations

  25. Sample CIP Disclosures

  26. CIP Processing Flowcharts

    A. Adobe Format

    B. PowerPoint Format

  27. Sample Notarized Identification Document

  28. MSB Questionnaire

  29. MSB Risk Assessment

  30. BSA AML Overall Bank Risk Assessment

  31. Commercial Customer Due Diligence Questionnaire

  32. Commercial Customer Due Diligence Risk Assessment

  33. OFAC Overall Bank Risk Assessment

  34. BSA-AML Task List

  35. Personal Customer Risk Assessment

  36. Comparison of Reg Z Categories *Updated*

  37. Mortgage Loan Application Process Flowchart

  38. RESPA GFE Flowchart

  39. Appraisal Rules Chart *New*

  40. Ability-to-Repay and Qualified Mortgages Quick Reference Chart *New*

  41. ECOA (Reg B) Valuation Rules and TILA (Reg Z) HPML Appraisal Rules Matrix *New*

  42. Reg Z - Ability-to-Repay Monthly Payment Underwriting Calculation Quick Reference *New*

  43. Reg Z - Loan Originator Compensation Provisions Coverage *New*

  44. Flood Insurance Insurable Value Chart *New*












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